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I called you regarding a new, budding relationship with a beautiful man widowed only 18 months ago – I sensed my thoughts were on the right track, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.   It was empowering to hear you reinforce how a true, loving, lasting relationship must be built to sustain and grow.  Your response was:  

To have a loving, long term committed relationship, one MUST truly have friendship, true friendship, to make it complete to have my best friend and long term mate to become my friend, my best friend.  Most people fill friendship with love/lust without reaching true friendship and ultimately best friend status.  I have experienced this once in early life when I became widowed.  What you instill in me over and over and what I must continue to do, is stop beating myself up……I am a good woman and deserving of a relationship that fulfills my dreams.  I will no longer settle for anything less than this.  You further advised  me to tell him (which I am consistently doing now) “When I sense you are feeling fear, don’t worry, I am not going anyplace. I also tell him, “Take your time and know I am near when you need me, but you must ask or reach for me when you hurt. I will not crowd you or make demands.   You need to know,  I give you patience, compassion and understanding because I’ve been where you are now.” 


This man is a beautiful, energetic, bright man in spirit and mind who has arrested me in my tracks.   I realize who I have met, but I am acutely aware he MUST be given time to heal and reorganize his life.  He knows I am patient, however I consciously demonstrate patience and compassion each time we meet or talk on the phone.  He is a keeper and I pray we can move forward as friends, best friends, and eventually mates.   Time will tell, but my sense is to wait and give him full reign to set the pace.  The depth of this man is the magnet that holds me.


Thank you sweet friend – you are truly a sister we all need and tapping into your positive energy, amps me up every time.  And yes, I will visualize you and hear your direction on my other issue!


Light, love and exquisite energy are sent,

Twenty years ago I heard Lorena on the radio and listened to her help callers with their personal issues. The way she listened to the callers and told them what she saw and how to work through hardships or the happiness they would experience really intrigued me.

I called in with my question about true love of course. You know, when would I meet the man I would marry question. I was very skeptic because you hear of all these fakes out there. But when Lorena started talking and telling me things that had already happened to me and what to anticipate, I knew she was no fraud. Lorena was the honest to God real deal. She told me that the man I was with was not the one. That I was going to date a few other men before I would meet the man I would marry.

When my brother was killed in a car accident sixteen years ago, I called Lorena to ask if he was happy and at peace where he was at and if she could shed any light on the car accident. She did and she put me at peace. Lorena told me that he was at peace and he was happy in heaven. She said that he would be waiting for me when it was my time many years in the future.

Lorena moved to Arizona many years ago, but I didn’t know. All I knew was that I couldn’t get a hold of her. So like everything else, I sought the internet and searched for her. Lorena had become a best friend to me with her honesty and her love for helping people. She doesn’t gloss over anything or avoid questions. She gives you the help and answers you need. If she tells you something heartbreaking for example, she apologizes and tells you that that is what she sees.

Since I found Lorena again, I continue to call her for guidance. Whether I was calling her to see when I would find another job, or to find out if my husband was having an affair. She confirmed that he had had two affairs on me. Yes, the man that I love with all my heart and soul had sought out comfort from others. I was going through hell during that time and Lorena helped me to pull it together and keep my head up.

I may have never met Lorena in person, but I love her with all my heart. Her honesty and her love for helping people are truly selfless and amazing. Lorena is like a best friend to me and I am glad that I made that call twenty years ago. I would love to meet her in person and give her a humongous hug and tell her thank you for all the listening, guidance, caring, and healing that she helped me with these past twenty years. Friends may come and go, but Lorena is definitely one who sticks with you through thick and thin.

There is a saying that everyone comes into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Lorena is definitely a lifetime. Thank you so much Lorena!


Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 8:29 AM
Subject: A short thank-you
I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone how much Lorena has impacted my life. She has opened up whole new ways of seeing things for myself that I never would have been able to do without her help and guidance. When I need support, I seek out Lorena, when I need comfort and reassurance, I seek out Lorena. If it's possible to have a close bond with someone you've never even met, I feel that with Lorena. She is an inspiration and a true blessing and I thank her so much for everything that she has helped me with. Only she will know how much my life can change or will change because of her gift and her kindness.
Becky Jones.

More Client Testimonials

"Dear Lorena.
A long time ago, I read an article about you in the Sunday Parade magazine. It mentioned that you were helping the police solve crimes with your special ability. I kept the article and when I had a problem I couldn't solve, I sought you out.  
Through the years since, I have turned to you. You eased my mind when my mother had some dementia and her admission into a nice nursing home had special requirements. She was there for several years and recently passed away when you predicted she would go near her birthday. You were right. 
When I was struggling through a divorce from a tight-wad husband, you assured me that I'd come out of it okay. I did. 
Bereft after the sudden passing of the love of my life, I turned to you once again for answers and it helped to hear that he was at peace, that he loved me and felt safe. 
On my first visit with you, I asked about my then teenaged grand-daughter. You shocked my socks off when you told me that she would seek a medical profession. She is now a mental health specialist. 
Thank you is not enough for all the help you have given me. Bless you, Lorena"                                                                
Signed, J.S.

"Dear Lorena Simon:
I had a reading done sometime, I believe in "Sept 97" I had some concerns.
1st Question- Was my husband (then) going to get back together?
2nd Question- Were we going to get a divorce?
You said: "If you want your true soul mate to come into your life - you have to get rid of this guy. Don't go back to him, and yes you will get divorced. Plus in a while, you will be getting married to another wonderful man. You also need to get counseling about your sexual assault you had growing up"
End of Session
I was so mad and upset. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Especially getting married again. you said in May, my ex-husband and I got divorced on Dec. 97'. Unfortunately, you tried to warn me about going back to him - because I did! He (my ex) walked out with all his clothes in Feb. 98' and I was devastated. I was very upset. I remembered after the fact "Don't go back to him" is what you said. That was hard but luckily I had a job trucking. Which I shook it off, and had a little girl to get back. Now you said before in a prior reading I would meet my soul mate in April 98'- and in April 98' I met my (now) husband. You said he would take things slowly. We (my husband and I) were really good friends. We laughed and joked allot. Like you said- he has green eyes. So we started dating around Oct.98'. You also said "May" would be our wedding date. Well we got married May 7, 1999. Lorena, were so right. I really just want to say, "I love you" The counseling lifted the anger. I now understand all the sexual assaults. It wasn't my fault and I am a good person. I understand now "The hardest part anyone can do is forgive yourself - then you will be happy," You told me that. I won't ever forget you and many blessings to you."
Love always, Deborah

"In January you did a couple of readings for me. I asked you about a man named M. that came into my path in October. You told me he was my soul mate...Thank you for sending the angels to guide us. May others feel the peace and joy that you share...Thanks again for facilitating our dream!"
Signed D.S.

 "Thank you for speaking to me -- (the paranoid, mother hen). I am still not sure how I am going to learn to relax and quit being so scared, but I am certainly going to try very hard. You did relieve some concerns, I am very appreciative!! Thank you!!"
Signed M.

 "Lorena, I had a phone reading with you last Saturday...I want you to know that I really appreciated your help. I have been to several readings and you are the best I have ever met...Thank you more than you know.
Signed M.O.

 "I just wanted to say thanks for the reading - it has really helped me to clarify a few issues and I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders...Good luck and peace to you, and know that you have touched our hearts and lives in a way that we can't repay you!"
Signed M.H. and D.B.

 "You have taken out a lot of stress that life can bring, by telling me what is going to happen in the future...I don't have to worry about it...I can get on with this wonderful life. I think of you as a natural stress reliever. I also enjoy just talking to you. You are a very uplifting, positive, honest and loving person and I guarantee you gave me a smile when I have finished talking with you. You have helped me through all kinds of events in my life, from helping me to find a special lost coin, to employment issues, to (of course) my love life. Lorena, I am very grateful of what you can do and I am very glad you share your gift. I am looking forward to our next chat.
Signed D.

 "Lorena, I want to thank you so much for helping us recover our 'dognapped' dog"

 Signed D.G.

 "I can hardly wait for the opportunity to take another class and future private consultations. Your wisdom, which I have no doubt is guided by a higher power, combined with your loving, caring and honest approach was so refreshing."                                                                Signed K.W.

"You told me that I would meet my future husband very soon through an introduction. On April 15, 1999 I met [him]."

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